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Xiao Liwu – Front And Center At The San Diego Zoo

/ Post by Pandas International For a couple of weeks now, San Diego Zoo’s adored cub Xiao Liwu and mom, Bai Yun, have been in the front/main viewing area of the Zoo’s Panda Trek. The cub is adjusting to his new enclosure and is extremely good at climbing up to the top of the pine

Xiao Liwu Is Settling In

/ Post by LiveScience Staff via Pandas International Earlier this month, the San Diego Zoo’s adorable giant panda cub Xiao Liwu made his debut in a habitat on view to the public. Keepers said this week that the baby bear is getting comfortable in his new home, climbing branches and taking naps in the sun.

San Diego’s “Little Gift” Makes His Public Debut

/ Post by Pandas International Giant Panda cub Xiao Liwu made his public debut on Thursday after the section of the exhibit frequented by the five-month old bear was opened to the public at the San Diego Zoo. The cub is the newest surviving panda born in captivity in the United States and was able

Xiao Liwu’s 18th Exam

/ post by San Diego Zoo via Pandas International At Xiao Liwu’s 18th exam, to up the cute factor, he was given two balls, bamboo, and a limb trimmed from a tree. He’d seen the limb before, and the bamboo, but that ball…that is what kept his attention during the whole exam. He pulled it