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Check in with Tai Shan

Many of you remember Tai Shan, the beloved Giant Panda who just celebrated a birthday in July, from the live cams last year when he really became an ambassador for his species. While he’s not in one of the live cam enclosures, we’re excited to share this photo and let you know he’s doing quite well! –Pandas International

Happy Birthday to Tai Shan

Our beloved Tai Shan celebrated his 9th birthday recently with some special friends and delicious treats. Snacks like carrots, apples, watermelon and bamboo were frozen into beautiful “cakes” for Tai Shan and his friends to enjoy. See our photo album of the big day here, and highlights of his friends at Bifengxia. –Pandas International

Travel Log: Visiting the U.S. Born Pandas

We were able to visit with most of the U.S.-born pandas during our travels in China this past November, and we’re happy to report that they are all doing great! It was amazing to see Tai Shan, Zhen Zhen, Su Lin, Mei Sheng, and Hua Mei. Tai Shan was actually our very first stop when we arrived

Happy Birthday, Tai Shan!

/ by Pandas International A true ambassador for his species, our beloved Tai Shan turns 8 today! To celebrate, staff from CCRCGP made him a birthday cake with carrots, fresh bamboo and panda cakes. And a special thanks to everyone who donated so that Pandas International could provide bamboo cakes to all of the pandas

On The Anniversary Of Tai Shan’s Departure From The US, He Embarks On His Next Adventure

/ Post by Pandas International This week marked a very emotional anniversary for US-based Tai Shan fans who bid a teary farewell to the beloved panda on February 4, 2010 when he left his home at the National Zoo in D.C. for China. Like his parents, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, Tai Shan is the

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