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When Mom’s Away the Puppies Will…

Sleep? Well, that’s what they do! Zeke, Grommet, Zena and Gabby of Merlow’s litter are now a little over 2-weeks-old. Puppies sleep up to 20 hours a day, but it’s really more of a cat nap. 

Hi Mama

Our mama Merlow at SDP wonders if you’ve seen her four healthy pups! You can meet the pups in (virtual) person on the Live Cam now, and read the update on their arrival, birth weight etc – with highlight videos too! – here.  Did You Know? Great Danes require less exercise than many breeds of dog,

Hey Ya’ll!

It’s puppy time! Service Dog Project staple, Merlow the marvelous great dane, is showing signs of pregnancy. Loyal viewers remember her last litter of 6 – the Merlins! – and the miracle worked on one new pup (check out the video here). Fans now have a chance to place your bets on how many pups she