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Woofminsters: Couch Potatoes!

Today’s Woofminster Awards go out to those Couch Potato canines that have melted into the sofa. There is an art to being so very lazy, and these comfy pups deserve their prize. So relax, take a love seat, and meet the winners!

Who Nose?! These snouts are seriously silly

It’s the Woofminsters, celebrating all the funny-looking canine faces not only a mother could love. This week’s theme is “Who Nose?!” and the snouty snapshots you sent in are hilarious. Here are the winners!

Woofminsters Celebrate Dogs’ Perfect Imperfections

Are your dogs slobbery? Do they have snaggle-teeth, crazy hairdos, big floppy ears, and tails that wag uncontrollably? Perfect! Your canine pals don’t have to be good-looking to win big at the Woofminsters!