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Grey Seal of Seal Island

Sorry, no seals! But here’s the latest update.

It’s been a lonely winter without grey seals this year, or the natural joy and wonder of watching adorable seal pups being born. We really (really!!!) apologize that we’ve not been able to get the camera back online. The weather over the ocean has been tempestuous and journeying to Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge just isn’t safe.

Our tech team attempted to land on the island by boat, but found it too dangerous. One expert tells us his tale from the sea, “We were facing strong winds which made getting on and off the island impossible…the steep shoreline and a number of bulls made landing there impossible too.  We waited for a tide and wind change but it didn’t knock down the swells. Needless to say we were all disappointed but there was just too much risk for injury.” And of course, safety is the first priority!

While we wish we could have seen and shared the joys of seal season, word is that there were quite a few pregnant females and young pups on the island. So while the camera’s offline, life goes on. Thanks for staying tuned. Next on Seal Island – Puffins!