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Meet Sunny

Rescue Dog Sunny Will Brighten Your Day

Your Rescue Dog Stories have really enlightened us, and we’d like you to meet Sunny, our Rescue Dog of the Day! Human friend Marie shared some pics and words about her pup: This is my girl Sunny, she rescued me on 2/14/14. Sunny traveled from a shelter in Kentucky to LaMancha Animal Rescue in Unionville, PA. where I met her and she stole my heart in 10 minutes. She is a gentle, loving soul who loves to snuggle. Sunny is soft with the elderly and children but can play hard with her doggie friends. She has enriched my life in so many ways and has helped me to heal from the sudden loss of my 9 yr. old Great Pyr in September 2013.

A sunny window

A sunny window

Sunny & I recently took a road trip to Ohio to see my daughter. She was amazing! I see more road trips in out future! Sunny is my first rescue dog, but she will not be the last! Thank you, Marie! A rescue dog can be a great friend and a healing presence as we’ve read in many of your stories. So keep sending them in everybody! Want your own rescue story? Come see who Animal Wellness Foundation has available to take home! EXPLORE the Complete – Animal Wellness Adoption Center Live Camera Experience