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Rescue Dog of the Day – Titan

Your responses to our request for your rescue dogs stories have been so amazing. We love reading about and sharing the experiences of the little furry friends that complete your lives – and you theirs. Today, let’s learn a little more about Titan. Owner Rachel Connors says this about him:

“Titan is a rescue from the Copper Country Humane Society in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. He was a severe neglect case and spent the first six months in the basement of a house with no human contact. He was rescued from the house and then spent about a month with a family, but it wasn’t a good fit seeing as how the family had two other unneutered male dogs. He ended up at the shelter scared and confused.

When we first met Titan, I will be the first to admit I wanted nothing to do with him. I was never a fan of pit bulls and seeing a dog standing in the back of his kennel growling and barking at me didn’t help the image. But my husband had faith that all he needed was a little love and time. So in September 2009, we tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to take him on the first walk. As soon as we got outside, Titan put the brakes on and was like a block of cement going through gravel. I was ready to call it quits again, but Titan had already stolen my husband’s heart.

So we came back again. And again. And again. And over time, we slowly started to see a change. At first it was little things; his tail didn’t go quite as far between his legs, he didn’t bark quite as much. Every small accomplishment that many people take for granted with their pet were milestones for Titan. A few of the most memorable were the first time eating a treat, the first time we saw his tail wag, and the first time he gave us kisses.

TitanIn June 2010, we were finally able to bring Titan home. Since then, we have seen Titan break out of his shell in ways neither of us could have imagined. I look forward to coming home from work every day to see his big pittie smile and a tail that wags so hard it could bruise you. He still is shy around new people but is curious about everything. He is a complete cuddle bug and wants nothing more than to burrow in your blankets and keep your feet warm.

Titan is an incredibly intelligent dog and is picking up new tricks every day. I encourage everyone to take a second look at the dogs who need a little more time and love.”

Thank you for sharing, Rachel. It’s wonderful that you, your husband, and Titan all overcame the struggles to become family. Keep sending in photos and stories of your rescued friends and we’ll feature many of them here. Want your own rescue story? Come see who Animal Wellness Foundation has available to take home!


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