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Panda Spotlight: Gao Gao – San Diego Zoo

/ Post by Pandas International

Guo Guo, the male panda at the San Diego Zoo, is currently the only panda out for viewing in the main exhibit at the San Diego Zoo, so he’s getting a bit more attention these days. Bai Yun and her cub, Xiao Liwu continue to charm guests in the north exhibit until noon each day. And Yun Zi is off exhibit while construction continues on her artificial tree.

Anastasia Horning, a panda narrator at the zoo, recently said that Gao Gao is more active recently because this is the time of the year that Bai Yun would typically begin showing some hormonal behaviors for breeding season. She said, “Gao Gao is letting us know that he is ready. He is currently eating more and gaining weight to show off to that gorgeous female he sees once a year. Of course he will not be breeding this year as Bai Yun is with a cub and not cycling. So the big question everyone’s been asking lately is, “What will Gao Gao do?” This year Gao Gao will just have to cope, and soon he’ll realize that he doesn’t smell a female in estrus.”