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Jia Jia, on the Gengda Valley Cam

Panda Cams are back, now at Wolong Panda Center

Great news! Panda Cams are back live, now streaming from the Gengda Wolong Panda Center. The Center is located in the heart of the Wolong Nature Reserve, whose mountains serve as a breathtaking backdrop to all the adorable panda action. Welcome to our four new cameras!

    • Wolong Grove, named in honor of the original Wolong Center, which was destroyed in a 2008 earthquake. This camera‚Äôs resident is an adult panda, four-year-old male Ao Ao.
    • Happiness Village. Volunteer camera operators named the Happiness Village in honor of Xingfucun, one of the many villages that were devastated in a 2008 earthquake. Here we see two yards, one with one-year-old giant panda toddlers Sen Sen, a male, and Xin Xin, a female, the other houses adult male panda Zheng Zheng.
    • Gengda Valley, with Jia Jia, 2-year old female panda
    • Dragon Pond Village, named after Longtancun, a village upended by the 2008 earthquake. Here we can watch Yi Ran, a two-year-old female.

The individual pandas my change locations, so check for updates from time to time on the Panda Cams. To learn more about these animals, visit Pandas International.

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