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Our Brave Owlet!

Sometimes you have to fall before you can fly… Sometimes things get exciting on the Great Horned Owl Live Cam! Our little Owlet has been practicing flying, hopping, climbing and even falling. You, our Explore.org fans, have served a great help in monitoring his growth and safety!

From ORI: Denver, from the Owl Research Institute put branches at the base of both trees (the tree in view now and the original nest tree) to assist the owl if he falls again. And he probably will; this is part of his development.

Before they left the area, they saw the owlet move back to the evergreen tree. This is excellent, because it provides great coverage. And, we have already seen the owlet move from that tree to the branches in front.

Denver also said there is a magpie nest nearby. Which is why the birds are being extra aggressive with the owls. (Fear and protection of their own little ones!)

Again… ORI want to emphasize that this is normal behavior for an owlet in this stage of development. Denver would not interfere at all except for the close proximity of the highway.

Denver, the Owl Research Institute and Explore want to thank you for watching and keeping an eye on this adventurous little owl. In case you missed the action on Thursday when the great horned owlet fell out of the tree the FIRST time, you can check out this highlight:

Watch the video of the rescue here!