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OFSDS Weekly Update (6/22)

Busy week at OFSDS…..construction and new dogs arriving

New Arrivals

Winnie – still in intake
Peppermint Patty – in Reception but went home with Colleen for the weekend
Abner – still in intake
Bean – arrived yesterday but will be hospice
Smudge – arrived today
Bubbles – arrived today

Various construction projects started or continued this week. A new section of fence was installed outside of the soon-to-be new door out of what is currently Little Dog Village. Once the new door and window are installed it will be possible to get from what is currently Little Dog Village to one of the large yards up and behind our building. More to come…..

Workers were busy today pressure washing the outside of our building so that workers can paint the building next week and stain our fencing. The pressure washing was the reason the doors to the outside were kept closed this afternoon.

Our commercial dryer is now in Nashville. We expect it to be delivered to OFSDS next week and the beginnings of installation will start. The dryer will be the easy one. The washer will be a much more complicated installation and be accompanied by water/sewer upgrades.

And lastly…..

The bummer this week was that we said goodbye to sweet Hazel. Her mind was gone and her body was so tired so Wednesday we made the decision to let her go. She weighed just 21.4 #. Reception isn’t getting empty but we certainly have been losing the core of our original dementia gang. The sweetness level in Reception took a big hit this week.

Sally and the OFSDS Gang

  • S.E.W.

    Very sad to hear about Hazel. I’ve been watching her and saw her decline. Loved that sweetie and it always hurts to say that goodbye. Thank you for taking such good care of her and the others. Look forward to watching new seniors arrive.

  • S.E.W.

    Thank you for the new weekly blog.

  • Dapper Dan Kelly

    Your updates are very much appreciated. Take Care.

  • Debbie Brent

    could you please let me know how to access the section of this page and provides details and information about the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary , ie the age range of the doggies there, average age, youngest, etc. thanks ! I looked it but cannot find it ! Have a golden day !

  • blu

    first just found the updates and i’m so far behind i will never remember all the names but I LOVE THIS PLACE i think it’s great that a place like this was available for all these SWEETIES seems just meant for them. is there anyway where one can see the whole lay out. it seems to say there are 3 yards so we only see the 1?