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Shim and Whatever

Nest with a New Pair of Penguin Parents

We love relaxing on the Beach and swimming underwater with the Magellanic Penguins of the Aquarium of the Pacific. Now we get an intimate look into the nesting life of a pair of lovebirds as they incubate an egg and care for a chick on the Magellanic Penguin Nest Cam. Meet mama and papa-to-be Shim and Whatever (yep, that’s her name!)

Shim is the largest penguin in the group. Sometimes he’ll stretch out his neck over the others to get food, but other times he politely yields to the penguins in the pool and at the food bucket.

Whatever is a female with a bold, independent streak. She’s always one of the first penguins to the feed and will push the males out of the way to get food. She likes to figure out a good route to get places without blindly following the others. Whatever is head-over-heels in love with Shim. The penguin trainers say the two seem strongly bonded. When Shim and Whatever were paired up, they could be heard singing duets, if it can be called singing.

The parents will take turns incubating their egg over a 40 day period, and then co-parent the chick, both feeding and raising it after it hatches and until it fledges at 90 days old. Spend some time in the cozy home of this penguin pair!

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