Explore is a philanthropic media organization

Snapshot by CamOp Cesar

Meet the Mods: Cats

CamOp ConnieSue

Moderates Kitten Rescue Cam
Favorite Animal: Cat
Favorite Live Cam Moment: Pistachio (RIP) jumping up to the camera and disconnecting it.
Why did you want to become a mod for Explore? To make the KR community a more pleasant place for everyone

CamOp Snick

Moderates Big Cat Rescue, Brown Bears, and Kitten Rescue Cams
Favorite Animal: Kittens/bobcats (it’s so hard to choose, please don’t make me!! Do I have to?? lol)
Favorite Live Cam Moment: It would have to be when Hoover came to BCR after being rescued from the Peruvian traveling circus. His first swim was amazing, it brought tears to my eyes. “Singing in the Rain”…that’s Hoover alright 🙂
Why did you want to become a mod for explore.org? I found myself spending a lot of time on the cameras (I understand that’s a common disease) and wanted to add another layer, in addition to my cam work, to the volunteer work I do with Explore. I enjoy the community so much.


Moderates Katmai, Service Dog Project, and Kitten Rescue Cams
Favorite Animal: Soo many…. and if I don’t mention felines, MY cat will take offense! The Dogs, the Bears , the Birds, the Cats….. I guess that of them all.. looking into the eyes of the Big Cats, speaks to my soul.
Favorite Live Cam Moment: Again, so many… I guess what REALLY hooked me on watching Explore.. Watching a litter of Great Danes being born, at SDP
Why did you want to become a mod for explore.org? I get so much, from viewing these cams, gives me a chance to “give something back”

CamOp Kelly 

Moderates bears, big cats, eagles and bats
Favorite Animal:  I really love penguins, owls, and elephants (well, to name a few)
Favorite Live Cam Moment: It’s so hard to pick one favorite moment on any one cam for me.  I’ve had so many great moments on different Explore cams.  I love watching the kittens play on Big Cat Rescue’s Kitten Cabana;  I love to watch the bears at beginning of the season all the way to the end to see how big they get; watching the owls and eagles care for their babies and then watching them fledge; Cayman cam because it’s so relaxing–but always hoping to get to see a shark or stingray; bats for how they interact with each other.  You name an Explore cam and I can tell you why it’s great to watch!
Why did you want to become a mod for explore.org?  I wanted to be a mod for Explore because I love what Explore does by bringing amazing views and knowledge to so many people from all over the world.  I also like to be able to help others by answering questions for viewers.  It makes me happy to share with viewers knowledge that I may have on anything from how our pages work to what is happening in the views they see.


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Want to know how to identify a mod? 

Each mod will have two identifying characteristics, one will be a “mod” badge next to their username and the other one will be a “mod” avatar. Here is an example:

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 10.52.52 AM

**Please note that depending on your device you may or may not see the “mod” badge next to the user’s name**