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Meanwhile, Back in the Burrow…

Back in the Puffin Burrow, mom and dad are carefully tending their unhatched Puffling.

Puffins lay one egg per year beginning around the age of 5-years-old. They usually keep the same mate every season and use the same burrow for many years. The male and female share incubation duties for approximately 39-43 days and after the chick hatches, both parents feed it fish for about a month and half until its ready to head out on its own.

We’re anxiously awaiting our newest arrival on the Puffin Burrow Live Cam now!

FYI on that floating shell next to our Puffin mom… Audubon on explore.org:

Hi everyone! You may have noticed a shell in the puffin burrow. It is indeed a hatched tern shell – one of the first for the year. Adult terns carry away the empty egg shells and drop them elsewhere because the inside is white, making it easy for a predator to see an otherwise cryptically colored chick.

(Thanks to puffin123 for the great snapshot!)