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Our New Puffin Burrow Cam

Many of our viewers have been wondering about the new location of our Puffin Burrow Cam.

Within a puffin burrow, there is a small area that functions almost as a bathroom — the parents and chick use it as a toilet! The chick keeps away from the area, as soiling its feathers could damage the waterproofing, which could be deadly to a newly fledged puffin.

Unfortunately, we had accidentally placed the cam right in the toilet! This means that the camera was becoming very dirty very quickly, and we had to enlist the help of our Seal Island research team to clean the cam and relocate it. (If you’d like to see video of what this looks like, click here!)

Now that the cam is out of the bathroom area, we have not only a better view of the puffin chick, but also a less dirty lens. We hope you all enjoy it!