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Snapshot by Suzzi

Snapshot by Suzzi

Live Chat with John Howe! (9/21)

Have you been feeling like there is something missing in your life since the eagles have fledged? Well, we are here to deliver some good news!

Join us on Thursday, September 21st, at 12 pm PT/ 3 pm ET for a live chat with John Howe, Amy Ries, Kike Arnal, and Sherri Elliot! 

John and his team will be reporting live on-site as they begin their work for the new eagle season. Here, they will share new and exciting information about the Decorah North Nest and what this upcoming season has in store.

Make sure you submit your questions below!


  • PhilStubington

    Have there been any reports, e.g. from the landowners, about the Norths recently. Have the parents started nestoration yet or any sightings of DN4 or DN5?

  • GailM

    No question, just can’t wait to see you all and learn about the new season. Thank you!!!

  • Ginger52 – Iowa

    Will you be doing any pruning to open more of the view of the stream from the cam? #peeringthroughleaves

  • terri

    We really appreciate the time and energy given to us by the Cam-Ops. That being said-we would like to claim Spish as the main Cam-Op for DNN. Your extraordinary cams & Spish’s talent & intuition make an unbeatable combination!!!! Thanks for all you do!

    • Stacey Brown

      Love Eaglewind, too. :)

      • terri

        We sure do!!!

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  • Mary Roberts

    Is the eagle feeding the chicks male or female (sorry if that is an ignorant question, I know nothing about eagles.) Thanks

  • lingolin

    Question: When an eagle nest is destroyed, by wind or disaster during the time it isn’t in use, what is the reaction of the eagles when they return? Do they start another nest right away, do they skip a season? Do they stay close to the former nest?

  • Linda Nasato

    I’m curious if the varied diet fed to fledglings and eaten by adults in some areas has an impact on growth/size..ie mostly fish diet for Florida eagles versus mainly animal protein consumed by DNN eagles (that cowghetti was a surprise).

  • SherrieM

    This coming season, are you really going to end the controversial practice of attaching transmitters to the juvies?

  • cathy

    Do eagles (and other birds like osprey) see ultra violet light and if so is there any information on whether or not they use it to see and catch fish?

  • terri

    Would eagle siblings “recognize” each other if they should happen to reunite?

    • Stacey Brown

      Good question. :)

  • Stacey Brown

    Are DN4 & DN5 still hanging around in the pasture or have they moved on to start their lives?

  • kbr

    We enjoy observing and learning and chatting. Have there been any scientific discoveries/confirmation of theories/etc as a result of experts being able to observe these nests? Any research published?

  • Colcancoby

    Have there been other observations at other nests of the aggression DN-5 had in knocking DN-4 out of the nest after he returned?
    Do you feel the aggression on the pasture floor was territorial or do you think there was a food drop we may not have seen?

  • Colcancoby

    How common is it for fledglings to stay on the ground so long even after it has been proven they can fly?
    Would having trouble feeding on a branch be a factor?

  • Colcancoby

    Can someone pull the binder twine out of the nest if it still is blowing in the wind? Even if you tie it from a branch lower down so the orioles can use it next year but prevent talons from getting caught. I know it may have rotted enough to break on it’s own.

  • Jessica Simpson

    I’m wondering if the parents of DN4 and DN5 will nest here again? Is this a common practice?

  • Colcancoby

    What observation or discovery most impressed you and the RRP team this year on observing the nest?

  • kbr

    Any differences between the various nests you observe? Behavior/food/nest/etc…

  • Bill D

    shield the mic from the wind. Wind makes it hard to hear.

  • Bill D

    Can’t take the roar. I’m out. Next time, make sure the mic is shielded from the wind or do the chat inside.

    • http://explore.org/ explore.org

      Hi Bill, we got several requests to do the chat outside and unfortunately today is just too windy. This is being done on a laptop and there is no mic to shield. We hope to increase audio in post as we cut this live chat!

      • Bill D

        The laptop must have a mic or we couldn’t hear you at all. You can place a sheet of plywood to windward of the laptop and brace it with a couple of 2X4’s or even a piece of cardboard might work ( I have a video production background). I like the fact it was outdoors and greatly appreciate your effort. However, If we can’t hear you, it’s all for naught! Thanks, again. : )