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Little Changes, Big Difference

/ Post by Polar Bears International

When we started our micro-site, My Planet, My Part, we were hoping that it would encourage people to make little changes in their daily lives. Then those people would encourage their friends and family to make little changes, too. That ripple effect would make a big difference in our world.

This week we announced the first winner in the Green Your Holiday contest on My Planet, My Part. Nicola De Torre won for her cloth napkin entry. She wrote, “We have two hopes for this gift. First, we want our friends and family to think of us at mealtime because we are not all able to be together. Secondly, we hop that this gift will help our favorite people make environmentally friendly decisions.”

When we emailed Nicola to let her know she had won the weekly prize—a polar bear adoption kit—she responded, “I am so excited! My children are going to be ecstatic! Everything we do has turned into, ‘Is it good for the polar bears?’”

We say something similar around our house: “Turn off the lights for polar bears,” and “Let’s walk (instead of drive) for polar bears.”

And that’s just it. Everything we do is an opportunity to make decisions that can help or hinder polar bears.

Surf on over to My Planet, My Part and let us know how you are greening your holidays. You just might win a polar bear adoption kit of your own.