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Brown Bear fishes for salmon

Katmai Rangers Welcome You to Brown Bear Season!

The Brown Bears of Alaska are back live on explore! To celebrate the occasion, Rangers Roy Wood and Mike Fitz of Katmai National Park want to welcome you to a whole new Bear Cam season with a live chat this Tuesday, June 30th at 12pm PT / 3pm ET.

Hundreds of brown bears have woken up after months of hibernation to catch and feast upon the millions of salmon in the waterfalls of Brooks River. Whether you’re new to the Brown Bear Cams or a seasoned viewer, join the live chat by asking Ranger Roy and Mike about the brown bear basics such as diet, life-cycles, mating, and fishing techniques. Just post your questions in the comments section under the Brooks Falls Cam!

And for returning viewers, the Rangers will also pop into the Brooks Falls Cam comments section to talk gossip about the individual bears that fish around Brooks Camp.

Come join the fun and excitement of the summer on the Bear Cams!

EXPLORE the Complete – Brown Bear Live Camera Experience

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