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Snapshot by Sherry-Clark

Snapshot by Sherry-Clark

UPDATE: Hog Island Osprey Chick Naming Contest!


It’s that time of year again! We’ve got three beautiful osprey chicks on the Audubon Hog Island Osprey Nest. Rachel and Steve have been doing a wonderful job raising their young so it’s time to give some names to those beaks!

Submit your suggestions below and upvote your favorite names. The top ten submissions by Monday, June 18th with the most upvotes will move on to the final round where viewers will get to choose the final names!

To help get those creative juices flowing, we wanted to remind you that Rachel and Steve were named after conservationists/biologists (Rachel Carson, who wrote Silent Spring, and Project Puffin’s Steve Kress)!

So what are you waiting for? Submit below!

The results are in! Vote on your TOP THREE names here: https://linkto.run/p/QVPYLSR0

Polling will close on Friday, June 22nd!

  • Lucie Blondin Pecor

    Hope. Faith and Joy. These are my name choices!

  • Diane R

    Chandler, for the amazing ornithologist Chandler Robbins (1918-2017). Read about him here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chandler_Robbins Among countless contributions, in his early career, he co-authored journal publications on the effects of the pesticide DDT on breeding bird populations. This work, and that of other researchers, led to Rachel Carson’s publication of the book Silent Spring. After 60 years of public service, Robbins retired from the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center in 2005, taking the title Scientist Emeritus. As late as 2015, Robbins was still an active volunteer at the Bird Banding Lab coming in about three times a week.

    • Kimosquabbie

      He passed away last year

  • Bremenist

    Moe, Larry and Curly

  • Joan Siegrist

    Millie for Millicent Bingham who first suggested Hog Island become an Audubon camp; Olin for Olin Sewall Petingill Jr who researched and recommended that Hog Island become part of the Audubon family and Carl for Carl Buchheister who became the first director of Hog Island camp.

    • Woodsy

      Great minds think alike

  • Woodsy

    Carson (for mama Rachel and Rachel Carson), Kress (for dad Steve and Dr. Kress), and Bing! (for Millicent Todd Bingham who inherited Hog Island and partnered with the Audubon Society)

  • KOside

    Audubon (Audi), Linnaeus (Linn) and Ridgway (Ridge). Wikipedia has loads of good info on ospreys.

  • lori lilias

    winkin, blinkin and nod

    • Prickly Pear

      You beat me to these names!

  • Solera from Austria

    I happened to come online just when the naming contest was announced.
    My suggestions:

    Spring after Rachel Carson’s book: Silent Spring
    Wonder after David Gessner’s book: Return of the Osprey: A season of Flight and Wonder
    Journey after Dr. B’s book: Belle’s Journey

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    • annpollak

      How does one do that? Just by clicking the upvote?

      • Poppy

        Right, but you only can do this once, Ann. Clicking again, means to withdraw your upvote.

      • http://explore.org/ explore.org mod


  • DLionheart

    Thunda, Rayne and Rapta

  • Prickly Pear

    Royal, Bremen, Regina

  • annpollak

    After Mabel Loomis Todd, the woman who took on the Hog Island project in the early 1900s.
    After David Peck Todd, Mabel’s husband.
    After Millicent Todd Bingham, Mabel’s and David’s daughter.

  • Julia Glueckauf Gray

    Audie (Audubon), Bremen and Sweet Pea

  • Margaret

    Huey, Dewey, Louis

  • Mary-Ann D’Antonio

    I suggest, Carson, Spring and Kress

  • Poppy

    posting this for Allan • a minute ago
    Riki, Tiki, Tavi.

    • Deborah-TX (2014)

      One of my favorite stories growing up

  • Sherrie papayanopoulos

    Athos, Porthos, and Aramis – the three Musketeers

  • Poppy

    posting for Happy Pig Sabine: Aurora, Zephyr and Flight

  • Poppy

    Snyder, regarding all Eric did last year for Bailey ;-))

  • Sylvia Kovessy

    Peepeye, Pipeye, and Poopeye or Pupeye.

  • 4meowsmom-MA

    Birch, Maple and Cedar for the stunning trees found in New England ♥

    • joletsgo

      Great names!

      • 4meowsmom-MA

        Thank you very much! ♥

    • Keli

      Love these names

  • GAngel

    Submitting these three names > Seafarer, Seeker, Rabiah < means born in the spring.

  • Rori from South Carolina,U.S.

    I think we should name them after their amazing parents. Carson, Kress and the third Echo for the resounding calls we hear across the bay and beyond

  • Sherrie papayanopoulos

    Are we allowed to post twice? Naming after special people – a different combo: Chandler, Snyder, and Kress

  • Poppy

    posting for Jean Bradley: #1 Speedy #2 Hurry and #3 Rush because they arrived so quickly

  • Tweetylady

    Regina, Olivia and Arlene (HB’s name)
    It’s about time we honor our own precious contributors!
    Could be transformed for the boys…

  • Monarchlady

    Harriet and Minna, and Douglas for
    Harriet Lawrence Hemenway (1858-1960) and Minna Hall (1864-1944)
    and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas

    This first two-woman dream team was responsible for taking down the 19th-century plume trade and establishing the National Audubon Society. Appalled by the number of birds being killed in the name of fashion, Hemenway, an impassioned amateur
    naturalist, and her cousin Hall, persuaded their socialite friends to boycott the trade and protect the wildlife behind it. Ultimately, they recruited 900 women to join the fight, and gave rise to an establishment that, a century later, has grown to 1 million members and supporters strong.

    Marjorie Stoneman Douglas for her work in saving the Everglades.

    • http://annieevergreen.com kikibird

      oh monarch! how much you teach us is amazing!

  • Patsy17

    Peace, Love and Happiness. Not named for scientists but they represent what we all consider would make our world a better place.

  • Lynne Elkins


  • Lynne Elkins

    Hey, Dewey, Louie

  • lax hosamane

    Chikky / chuma / charia

  • Lynette Gasper

    Spike, Fluffy and spot

    • Mar

      Showing your age….lol

  • Maxine Fultz

    Winkie, blinkie and nod.

  • Grattan Ghost

    Rock, Paper, Scissors

  • Debbie Norden-Paul

    Moe, Larry, and Curly.

  • Debbie Norden-Paul

    Uno, Dos, Tres.

  • Catanne

    Hope, Peace & Love

    • Judy Curtis

      Winkin, Blinkin and Nod

  • Diane McCoy

    Poppy, Regina, Belle, Snyder, and/or Rosalie (Edge) who created Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania in 1934.


    graucho Harpo chico or manny moe jack

  • Colorado Girl

    Back a few seasons ago, Audubon Maine always named the chicks of Hog Island. Those names have stood the test of time, honoring great names in the world of ornithology or terms which apply to our beloved osprey. The Osprey chicks on the Dyfi in Wales are named after Welsh rivers and bodies of water. These names mean something. Please think about that as you suggest names. Birds (and names!)matter. Respectfully, CG

    • Andee in SC

      Very well said, CG!

    • seagee

      Thank you, CG, for saying what so many of us think. I cringe at some of the silly names being suggested. Ospreys are majestic raptors, not sweet “wittle” cuties.

  • Debbie Butler

    manny, moe and jack

  • Georgina Alcuria

    LUZ, LES, TU

  • Christie Robnett

    I like Han, Leia, and Luke.

  • Andee in SC

    Bremen, Bristol, and Camden. All communities in Maine near the nest….and we could call them “The BBC”.

    • Woodsy

      Love these!

      • Kathy Libby

        me too!

        • Andee in SC

          Thank you.

      • Andee in SC


      • Andee in SC

        Would you consider voting for my suggestion?

        • Woodsy

          Yep, just did, now that I know da rules

    • http://annieevergreen.com kikibird

      very cool

  • Earl Walker

    Huey, Louie and Dewy from Donald Duck

  • Claire Wright

    Good, Better, and Best

  • Camilla Camburn

    Wynken, Blynken, and Nod … they may not “sail” off but they certainly will fly to far corners of their habitat. (Courtesy of Eugene Field, poet)

  • Julie Johnson

    Piggie, pigmeister, piglet

    • http://annieevergreen.com kikibird


    • anc1entmar1ner

      Apt names, indeed!

    • Woodsy

      Haha, these still crack me up!

  • Beverly

    My names would be taken from their location… Audi… Hogie…. and Isla !

  • JoeAnn Gibbs

    They should be called PONCE ( for our first explorer to FL), BILLY (for the first governor of FL (William Dunn Mosley) and ZORA ( for the FL author Zora Neal Hurston) It sounds like a good family PONCE, BILLY and ZORA

  • Cindy Roman

    Artemis, Athena, and Apollo

  • MJ

    Lan from Portland

    Ain from Maine

    Con from Muscongus bay

    All ends with N

  • Chris Cramer

    Maybe not Audubon champions, but definitely heroes of conservation and research: Diane (fossey) John (muir), and peterson(Peterson’s guide books)

  • Melissa Anne

    Wilson (for E.O. Wilson), Darwin, Joy (for Joy Adamson, the author of Born Free)

  • Melissa Anne

    Atten (for David Attenborough), Thoreau, Emerson

  • http://annieevergreen.com kikibird

    Anne- {for Annenberg foundation]
    Rick- {Rick’s picks}
    chatti- {on behalf of us chats folks}
    homey- ( on behalf of homebird)
    can I go on? lol

    • Becky

      Annabell, Clarabell, and Bell

      • http://annieevergreen.com kikibird

        well isn’t that a belly full of bells? lol

  • Clary

    George, Charlotte, Louis….after Prince William and Kate Middleton’s adorable children

  • Mar

    The Cola family….Cokey, Shasta, and RC….I don’t like Pepsi…lol

    • Mar

      Edited…..dumb ipad

  • Linda Phillips

    I am a fanatic about these osprey. I submit YVON (Chonaird founder of Patagonia)
    DAVY (for David Allen Sibley of the Sibley Bird Guides) Amelia (Earhert) If there
    are no girls I also submit LINDY (Charles Lindberg-called “Lucky Lindy)

    • seagee

      With all due respect, Linda, I would never choose Lindbergh. He was a vocal isolationist and supporter of Nazis in the 30s.

  • Carol S.

    Soar, Flutter and Swoop

  • redredrobin01

    Snap, Crackle & Pop.

  • Priscilla Savary

    Harpo, Chico, Zeppo

  • Loretta

    Aurora, Sky and Star

  • Papalima

    Fred, Barney & Wilma!

  • wbak

    Acadia, Baxter, and Maine

  • Leanne

    Maine Rivers = Chandler, Pleasant and Sandy

  • Sandra Marvin

    Huey, Dewey and Louie…………..

  • Susan Kress Fetterman

    Huey, Dewey and Louie

  • cathy

    Harriet Hemen and Minna Hall began feather boycott used for hats, leading to formation of Massachusetts Audubon Society and outlawed market hunting for feathers, leading to passage of Migratory Bird Act in 1913. At Audubon request Guy Bradley became one of first game wardens; while protecting Florida birds was killed in the line of duty by poachers. In honor I chose Harriet, Minna, and Bradley

    • Krysta Halye

      Harry, Ron, and Hermione

    • flowerbear

      these are great names! i like the commemoration of founders, etc. but how about all first names = harriet, minna, and guy?

  • Anne Cannon

    Aura (Breeze)
    Boreas, god of the north wind and of winter
    Notus, god of the south wind

    source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wind_deities

  • bonnibell

    Bobble, Bingo and Bip

  • GABear

    Bierre, Gaard, and Belle

  • Susan Massimi

    Carson, Kress and Springer

  • Suze Greene

    Wilbur (of Charlotte’s Web)
    Babe (the Sheep-Pig) &
    Cicero (Porky Pig’s Nephew)
    “The Ospreys of Hog Island”

  • Michelle Lee Adamsky


  • Judi McFarland

    Bogart, Baxter & Bailey

  • cmolander

    Terran (the earth), Meri (the sea) and Keir (the sky). Ospreys nest on the earth, find their fish in the sea and fly free in the sky

    • flowerbear

      i love these names, but also really like monarchlady and cathy’s ideas of harriet, minna and guy (instead of bradley).

      • cmolander

        Nice name, Harriet. We have an osprey named Harriet on the Dunrovin nest. http://cams.allaboutbirds.org/channel/39/Dunrovin_Ospreys/

        • flowerbear

          hi, cmolander – sorry about the late reply, but i didn’t see this post for some reason. and now 19 days later, for another unknown reason, D is presenting your reply to me. i’ll check out the link you sent, see if it’s still active.

          • cmolander

            I read your response, flowerbear… on July 3!

        • flowerbear

          i did just check your link, took me to the Dunroving live cam website, appears to be current, as there’s a date of 7/2/18. looks interesting. thank you.

    • Woodsy

      I love these names, too. How creative! I guess we can only upvote once?

      • cmolander

        Thank you! See above, Woodsy

        • Woodsy

          Thanks! Carolina wren, of which we have many here in the woods around Chapel Hill, NC.

          • cmolander

            I have a house wren in the neighborhood, constantly singing

          • Woodsy

            Nothing like the song of the wren. Sometimes ours sounds like someone’s car alarm!

      • Andee in SC

        You can vote once for as many different suggestions as you would like. :)

        • Woodsy

          OH! I did not know that. Well, I am definitely going back through these.

    • http://annieevergreen.com kikibird

      im upvoting twice I love these names

      • cmolander

        I just read on the chat form our MOD Poppy, that if you upvote twice, your vote is cancelled 😉

        • http://annieevergreen.com kikibird

          oh darn well now im dis qualified! hi cmol! commonly known as mrs mo? amazing teacher w osprey in the classroom yes?

          • cmolander

            Yes! Sometimes, I am logged in as mrsmo, others as cmolander. But it’s the same me!

          • http://annieevergreen.com kikibird

            never stop learning, never stop teaching

          • cmolander

            No. Just upvote again :) If you look at the number as you upvote, it goes up a number. If you upvote again, the number goes back to the original number. I hope I’m making sense!

  • Mlanowak

    Wynken, Blynken, and Nod:
    Wynken, Blynken, and Nod one night
    Sailed off in a wooden shoe,–
    Sailed on a river of crystal light
    Into a sea of dew.
    “Where are you going, and what do you wish?”
    The old moon asked the three.
    “We have come to fish for the herring-fish
    That live in this beautiful sea

  • Arlene

    Paco, Oreo and Bebe

  • Teezee

    Skyler, Glider, Fisher

  • Heath Gollihur

    Jermaine, Michael, Tito! #jackson5

  • Teezee

    Chris, Freddie, Sammie
    Names of some of the birds I have had over the years – but they were Cockatiels.


    How about Moe, Larry and Curley?

  • Arlene Aughey

    I suggest Damaris, Waldo and George (in honor of their local towns, Damariscotta, Waldoboro & St. George – naming it for the homeys!)

  • Ruth Schueler

    Peter, Paul and Mary

  • gerry valliere

    Blaze- perfect joy
    Moxie- spirited & energetic

  • sueseehafer

    Huey – Duey and Louie.

  • GrayWolf

    Fluffy, Scruffy and Mo…

  • Kelly Robinson

    Oscar, Lila, and Kayla.

  • naturegirl

    I have a few suggestions:

    Tempest for TerryTempest Williams – author, conservationist and activist
    Aldo for Aldo Leopold – author, forester, conservationist, environmentalist, scientist
    Muir for John Muir – we all know who he is
    Margaret for Margaret Murie – author, conservationist, naturalist who is know as the
    grandmother of the Conservation Movement. She is also a recipient of a Audubon Medal, the John Muir Award, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom

  • Nan Kan, CP (2012) TX

    Ella, Patsy, and Cher.

  • Megan Forti

    Santiago, Ahab and Gilliatt – all great fishermen

  • Sue Gordon

    Elis, Sweetie pie, sugar

  • Joan Alley

    Willow, Moxie & Star

  • Aven Brinlee

    Rikki, Tikki, Tavi

  • Susan Gayeski

    Aurora, Pisces and Zeus

  • Brenda2018

    Red, White, and Blue

  • Poppy

    posting for calgal2 (I am embarressed)
    Snyder and/or
    Rosalie (Edge) who created Hawk Mountain Sancutary, first refuge for birds of prey, in 1934.

    • Woodsy

      Great names, but I already upvoted once!

  • Betsy Vancura

    Winkin, Blinkin, and Nod!

  • GoldenCountry

    I don’t remember his name, but I would name one of the chicks after the captain of the Crown Royal and/or Eric for all the great work he’s done.

    • GoldenCountry

      Especially since he let Steve build that emergency nest on his boat when they really needed it b/c of the wasps.

  • chillin

    River, Lake, and Brook. After all, where would an osprey be without these?

  • Susan Wagner

    Manny, Moe, and Jack

  • Melissa Skasik

    Carson ( for Rachel Carson) , John (for John James Audubon) and Annie (for Annenberg Foundation)

  • Diane730

    The Crown Royal babies, William, Charlotte, Louis

  • Poppy

    posting for Patricia E. Lanning • 41 minutes ago
    Blondie for the light colored one
    Brownie for the one that has the most brown on its head
    Cappy for the one who is less brown on its head

  • Poppy

    Posting for Robincee:
    Colby–For William E. Colby, Sierra Club Director for 49 years.
    Muir–For John Muir–Founder of the Sierra Club.
    Audie–For John James Audubon.

  • Connie

    Huey, Dewey and Louie
    Identical and mischievous Disney feathered friends

  • Kathy

    Larry, Curly and Moe

  • BrittZ

    Ed, Edd n Eddy

  • LeafLady

    Audubon, Jean and Jacques.
    Since John James Audubon’s original name was Jean-Jacques.
    Jean could become Jeanne and Jacques could become Jackie or Jacqueline if determined to be females.

  • Beth

    Ricky, Ethel, and Lucy

    • Beth

      Probably not allowed to enter twice, but…Moxie, Roxie, and Foxy

      • LeafLady

        Oh yes you can.

  • Liana

    Chirp, Doolittle, and Jimmy

  • DJ

    Hank, Plank, and Tank

  • Hawk

    James- as in John James Audubon
    Wilson- as in Alexander Wilson (famous ornithologist prior to Audubon)
    Tory- as in Roger Tory Peterson (Made many peterson nature and bird guides prior to Sibley)

    • Tracey Flater

      We already have had a Tory.

  • http://www.wordofmouthtranscripts.com roses123

    Valor, Pluck (or Plucky), Intrepid

  • Bill

    Royal, Crown, Sunrise.

  • Ginger Iglesias

    River, for Marjory Stoneman Douglas’ River of Grass
    Spring, for Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring
    Summer or Sierra, for John Muir’s My First Summer in the Sierras

    • Malou

      River, Spring and Summer have my vote…just beautiful!

      • Ginger Iglesias

        Thanks, Malou!

    • MimiMA

      Sierra was used just last year but I upvoted your names for River, Spring & Summer.

  • Artemis

    For the Todd family that first developed Hog Island:
    Mabel, David and Millicent

    • Tracey Flater

      Mabel has been used

  • Tracey Flater

    Lucy (JJ Audobon’s wife), JJ after John James Audobon himself & Chandler, after Chandler Robins.

  • DJ

    Hank, Plank and Tank

  • Poppy

    Please do so be upvoting the entry, Luanne. Just click once on the little up-arrow below the comment you were referring to.

  • Sara Herbert

    Zephyr, Sky, and River

  • bpal

    Girls : Athena or Iris
    Boys: Zeus or Poseidon
    I think it’s two girls & a boy so I would choose Athena, Iris and Zeus
    If it’s two boys & a girl, then Zeus, Poseidon and Athena

  • Rosprey~

    Allie for Alewife
    Mack for Mackerel
    Flo for Flounder

    Without which they would be very skinny :-)

    • Woodsy

      Very nice!

    • Shorebirder

      Or Sal/Sam for that Atlantic salmon. :)

  • cheryl stewart

    Allie; Spring, Blaze

  • Lori Fabricand

    Boys- Emery, Byron, Dimitri
    Girls- Stewy, Prudence, Angel

  • Bari Slovis

    BB for Bone breaker. JR. for Steve Jr. And Rain…… xo

  • Nana28kids


  • Beverly

    which arrow do I click?^ by the names I listed?

    • fluffyspun

      Pick the one pointing up to up vote

  • fluffyspun

    It’s the year of the dog, so I’m going with Benji, Toto and Rin (Tin-Tin)

    • cmolander

      It’s also the year of the bird!

  • Marie Elaine Hedrick

    I vote for Sarah, Rufus and Jasper.

  • Bad_mamma_jamma

    Daisy, Rose and Violet or Franny, Zooey and Poe.

  • Mary Schuh

    Mattie, Jennie and Zach

  • CathyKitty

    Stevie, Terri and Bindi. Named after the Australian Irvin family conservationists.

    • TTinCT

      Nice choices!
      Nice family like these Ospreys.
      Don’t forget about Robert, that is unless you were just going for the 3 name choices.

  • Shorebirder

    Audie (for Audubon), Ding (for J.N. “Ding” Darling), and Libby (for LB, or Lil Bit)

  • Carolyn Quamme

    My suggestions are:” Poppy” ” Ricky” and

    • 2pointers

      Poppy is always a great name

  • Teresa YaYa

    here are 4 gender-neutral names & their meanings, I know, I know there’s only 3 babies, but I couldn’t stop myself …..
    Micah… Meaning: Who is like God?
    Tru / True…. Meaning: Honest
    Finley… Meaning: Fair Hero
    Emery…. Meaning: Brave, powerful

    • Jacalyn M DiCello

      I like them!

  • Beverly

    Hi My picks are based on location… Audi… Hogie… Isla..

  • Elizabeth Whitlam

    brewster, pepper, ellie

  • Karol

    I just have girl names: Adeline and Rosalie (for my granddaughters!)

  • Carole McMullen

    Bailey, Banks and Biddle

    • Jacalyn M DiCello

      Bailey is in Maitland, FL from last years nest.

  • bstorey

    I like Sandy, Rain, and Sky

    • ateetuk

      How about Sunny, Raine and Star

  • Jacalyn M DiCello

    Squeaker ( named after Squeaker Cove on Monhegan Island, ME), Piggy ( for Hog Island), Trailblazer( will have to have a fight in them to survive).
    My other name I always use is Pinkscarlet.

  • 2pointers

    Rapture and Regal and Reinnie (for reign)

  • cmolander

    It’s difficult to pick gender neutral names! We don’t really know the sex of the chicks. A blood test confirms it. In July, at the Raptor camp, Dr. B. and the staff will band the chicks, weigh and assess them. I don’t recall, if they also take samples blood at that time. Does anyone know?

    • cmolander

      P.S. That’s why I tried to pick names that were gender neutral:
      Terran (earth), Meri (sea) and Keir (sky).

    • LeafLady

      Don’t think so, but they guesstimated based on other criteria in the past.

  • Jim Campbell

    Ophelia, Olita, Oriana if females.
    Oberon, Oren, Odin if males.
    Use lists in order for different sexes.

  • Judith Bailey

    Lee, Scarlet, Burch

  • Amy Sparks

    I have three unisex name suggestions

    Aleyn means fisher king/queen
    Kelby means by flowing water
    Nyx means sprite

    • Sue Thurber

      I like them. The first (Aleyn), because it speaks to what they all will be. The second (Kelby), because I watch all the nests but I leave it on this one when I go to sleep because I love the sound of the water. Finally of love the third name (Nyx) because it is a diminutive of Phoenyx which speaks to my hope for all of their futures. Hope for future generations of nest builders and nest watchers.

  • Anne Miller

    Snip, Snap & Snurr: The book so many have read since the 50’s. That’s longevity!

  • Skybird

    Just because I like them…..

  • Joey V

    Jon, Jamie, Audie

  • Patricia

    Sun, Moon, Star

  • Andy and Jocelyn

    I suggest Jet (because the Osprey will be at its most efficient when fast, thus able to escape predators), Vet (so if the Osprey gets sick or injured, it can heal itself), and Let (because the full name will be Let Osprey, and who doesn’t love an Osprey with a sense of humor?) .

  • Sherri from Wisconsin

    Liluye (to soar), Skye, and Fei (dance in the air) :):):)

  • Suzanne

    My ideas:

    Millie (for Millicent Todd Bingham )
    Bing (same reason as above)
    Hammie (same as above)
    Carson (after Rachel Carson)

  • Poppy

    Posting for MichiganSue
    My suggestions: Othelia, Osgood, and Orley
    All old fashion and traditional.

  • hfxns

    Winkin Blinkin & Nod

  • TTinCT

    Cruise & Hepburn

  • Shorebirder

    Audie has come up as one of the names several times. :)

  • TTinCT

    OOPS…and Brady

  • Andy and Jocelyn

    I already made our suggestions – but this just came to mind for one of them
    : The Amazing Kresskin (see what I did there?) :-)

  • annpollak


    After Mabel Loomis Todd, the woman who took on the Hog Island project in the early 1900s.

    After David Peck Todd, Mabel’s husband.

    After Millicent Todd Bingham, Mabel’s and David’s daughter.

  • Pw Mooney

    wynken, blynken, and nod

  • No. Shore Jackie

    Sunny, Sailor, & Skye

  • CathyLee

    River, Raine, and Breeze

  • Debra J Vigue

    Brutus. Julius and Cleo. or Venus..

  • StayOnTopicPlease

    Aurora, Atlas and Ajax

  • Kat

    Athena- Goddess of wisdom & protection, Thor, God of Thunder, strength, protection of mankind, fertility, Francis (Frank) Patron St. of Animals, steward and caretaker of all animals.

  • CathyLee

    Don’t know if we can submit twice but I thought of these
    Belle– Belle’s Journey By Rob Bierregaard
    Journey- Belle’s Journey By Rob Bierregaard
    Spring- Silent Spring By Rachel Carson

  • http://explore.org/ explore.org mod

    The results are in! Vote on your top THREE names here: https://linkto.run/p/QVPYLSR0

    • 4meowsmom-MA

      Explore I am so deeply saddened! This was not what I think most of us thought it would be. We all assumed we should enter 3 names for the trio and many including myself put a great deal of thought into our choices. If only single names were going to be chosen, then it would have been better to ask for single name entries instead. The top 4 vote getters entries aren’t even on the list! I know I’m not the only one who thought the votes were for the groups of names and it’s just a bit disheartening to have it come up completely different, we’re all feeling a bit blindsided : (

      • http://annieevergreen.com kikibird

        im sure they picked the most voted names, they are a fair team

        • 4meowsmom-MA

          Hi kikibird! I just wished they had clarified for us to post each name idea seperately or just take group name submissions.

          • http://annieevergreen.com kikibird

            I feel ya! I just wished they had picked at least one of my names lol!

      • Andee in SC

        It was not handled well at all