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Hawaiian History: the Land, the People, Today’s Culture

Today’s Hawaiian Culture: Hawaii is the U.S.’s most diverse state. The majority of residents live on Oahu. “Nine percent are Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, almost 40% are Asian American, 9% are Latino, and about 25% Caucasian. Nearly a fifth of the population list two or more races.”

Hawaii is blessed with some of the most unspoiled natural wonders, and aloha extends to the land, or aina. Hawaiians are raised outdoors and have strong ties to nature. They realize as children that the ocean and land are the delicate source of all life. Even ancient gods were embodied by nature, and this reverence has been passed down to present generations who believe in kuleana, their privilege and responsibility (Fodors).

And of course, one of the most globally popular elements of Hawaiian culture today is surfing. Ancient Hawaiians/Polynesians invented the sport, which has practical and artistic roots, at least 300 years ago.

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