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A polar bear mother and cub.

Happy International Polar Bear Day, Ursula!

International Polar Bear Day is February 27th and while we celebrate on social media and by taking the Thermostat Challenge for polar bears, Ursula celebrates by eating seals!

The last couple weeks have seen Ursula turn back up north, veering toward the west coast until making a much smaller movement in a southeast direction. She seems to have found a region she likes for now, though it’s hard to say how long she’ll stay there. Ursula is currently pretty close to a known area of seal pupping, which may be strategic as the pupping season will start in the next few weeks and guarantees lots of food!

We also think that Ursula might be an empty nester by now, or at least pretty soon.  Her cub is about to set off on its own (if it hasn’t already), so while Ursula gorges herself on seal fat in the coming months, she’ll also be pursued by suitors.

All in all, this is a very exciting time for her, especially since it’s International Polar Bear Day! You’re invited to celebrate this day with Polar Bears International and explore.org.

You can help in many ways. You could start by signing PBI’s petition asking for a fair price on carbon (U.S. version; non U.S. version). You can also take the Thermostat Challenge to save energy for polar bears—and then make it a habit:

  • Turn down the heat a degree or two and enjoy hygge, or winter coziness, for polar bears—put on your fuzzy slippers and a comfy sweater, light candles, sip a hot drink, or bundle up for a walk in the snow.
  • Show how you’re taking part by posting photos on social media with #PolarBearDay#ThermostatChallenge, and #Hygge. You can also share PBI’s special pre-made images!

PBI, explore.org, and Ursula thank you for everything you do to help conserve sea ice, polar bears, and every other creature that calls the Arctic home!

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