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ECAD Highlights

The team at ECAD share this Facebook photo on Christmas of the Captivator pups – stars on this year’s launch of the ECAD Cam.

The Captivators (puppies of mom Captiva) have moved on to their training but you can catch the cutest highlights of the year here.

Did You Know? Captiva has been a therapy dog at Children’s Village since she was 16 months old. Her favorite thing to do is play ball with the boys. At age 2 1/2, this will be her very first litter. The father of ECAD’s new litter is Blip, a therapy dog who works with war veterans.

ECAD breeds and trains Assistance Dogs for clients with a wide variety of disabilities and needs. Our dogs are taught to retrieve items, open doors, activate light switches, pull wheelchairs, balance, brace, and perform many other highly specialized tasks through the ECADemy training program. For wounded veterans,
these specially trained dogs pick up dropped objects, open and close doors, open refrigerators, pull wheelchairs, prevent overcrowding in public, interrupt nightmares and flashbacks, remind to take meds, warn of approaching strangers and reduce anxiety and stress, all the while providing unconditional love and comfort. ECAD does not charge our Wounded Warriors for these very special Service Dogs.