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Dog Fest at SDP!

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SDP Dog Fest from Elen Downward

This past weekend, Service Dog Project viewers came from all across the United States to attend a two-day event at the farm, hanging with the Danes they watch every dayAs one blogger shared about Dog Fest:

It touches us deeply and we are attending Dog Fest to commune with others that share our passion for dogs and respect for their intelligence and potential and who appreciate the constant education, plain-speaking and thoughtful approaches to the daily challenges for Carlene and her dedicated crew.

We have all come together as a family – SDP staff, volunteers, CPs… We have helped each other through losses of family members including pets, through illnesses and hospital stays… We have cheered and cried together, and we know that as a group we can move mountains.  Our faith in human kindness and compassion has been renewed.  When a call goes out from SDP for volunteers or supplies, they appear like magic.  When a CP is struggling, support is given freely.  When a dog, cat or donkey needs rescuing or surgery, we’re there to get the job done.  SDP embodies unconditional love, the value of each life, what can grow from someone who believes, the power of volunteerism and proves that education is in every experience and must be shared.  It also proves that miles do not lessen the depth of reaching out.

A quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson – To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.  This is to have succeeded. 

See for yourself at the SDP Live Cam and learn more about what they do (or just virtually cuddle a puppy).

SDP Dog Fest from Elen Downward