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Come Play with the New Kittens on the Kitten Cam

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Newest Kittens on the Kitten Rescue Cam

We have nobel prize winners, heroes, villains and total Serenity. Come meet all of our newest kittens on the Kitten Live Cam here.  And if you’re going to be in Los Angeles next month, come meet them in person!

The team at Kitten Rescue has scheduled Meet & Greets and a field trip to the Kitten Rescue Sanctuary over Columbus Day Weekend. They have Angelenos and out of towners on the guest list already. You can join too! Find out how here.

And if you can’t make it to the West Coast right now, don’t fret. Our newest rescued kittens are on the Live Cam every day at explore.org. Meet Binx, Boris, Bane, Serenity and Einstein. Found in a box a couple weeks ago, these siblings have adjusted to their new sanctuary, even claiming authority as King of the Cat Scratch Post Hill! They’re scrappy and fluffy and loving, and you can see them here.

Since its founding in 1997, Kitten Rescue has found homes for over 13,000 cats and kittens. 

EXPLORE The Complete – Kitten Rescue Live Camera Experience