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brown bear jumping in the water

Caption This Contest Winners from 9/22/14

There were so many good ones, it took time to pick out the very best… and this time Charlie got involved himself! Below are our winners, handpicked by Charlie Annenberg and the Cam Ops, from the Caption This Contest on 9/22/14:

  • jigsallot – LOOK!!! Lurch’s toupe !
  • jigsallot – YEA!!! MY CAR KEYS !
  • Janelle H –Mine Mine Mine . .. . . . . . Mine Mine Mine.. . . .. . . Mine Mine Mine
  • Gayle Falkenthal – Michael Phelps, eat your heart out. I don’t even have to wax my legs to be this fast.
  • Ospreyfan – “Come here, I just want to talk”

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