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polar bears

Caption This Contest (New for 11/24/14)

Yes, we know the polar bears are moving on, but we aren’t ready to let go. Caption This photo for a chance to win, and check out the newest highlight reels from the 2014 Polar Bear Season at explore.org.

It may not been what they are saying, but what’s not being said between these two! Give us your funny thoughts and caption this photo in the comments below. Check out previous week’s contests here and here, and see some recent winners here.

Tune into the Polar Bear Channel to witness the gorgeous tundra of Churchill, Manitoba and learn more about these threatened beasts at PBI.

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  • pattymoo

    You Think I Didn’t See You Do That,Iam Not Blind!

  • Deborah

    No, I don’t think the chin hair look will catch on

  • E. Tucker

    I did not see that, nope, did not see that at all !

  • V Johnson

    Oh, Wilbur! I do NOT have a turkey neck!!

  • mosaic_world

    Bear on right: “Do you still find me lovely?”
    Bear on left: (Seals, mmmmmm)

  • BluePenguin

    “I told you it was LEFT at the North pole …. NOW were in Fairbanks!!!”

  • CSchafer

    Are all the photographers and cameras gone? Can I stop posing now?

  • Ang In CT

    I spy with my little eye ….

  • Cbuitron

    (2nd bear)). Look more to your left Ethel ,I told you Ida is wearing a luxury white fur piece, (1st bear) doesn’t she know, you can always spot a fake!!!

  • Sue

    “Have I told you how beautiful you look today?”

  • Anna-Marie_AZ

    Don’t look now, but that arctic fox is following us again!

  • BeckyT-GA

    Ya know, I am going to miss those hairless bears that stand up all the time on their hind legs! Though I have not yet figured out what that black thing is they hold up to their face that flashes a light and makes a clicking sound.

  • BeckyT-GA

    It is sad to leave but we have to catch up with Santa and film the new Coke commercial.

  • Sue

    “What do you say we order a seal tonight, sip on some salt water and have a romantic evening?”

  • Sue

    “I see that look in your eyes! Not tonight, I have a headache!”