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Boathouse Osprey Named!

Wow, we got so many great submissions! It was quite difficult to narrow down but we managed to pick a name! Drumroll, please…

Boathouse Osprey_Andy and Jocelyn

Photo by Andy and Jocelyn

Doug and Dottie aka Mr. and Mrs. Doug Boathouse! 

These names were chosen from two different users, 2pointers and CamOp_Bandit! We loved the name Dottie and thought it would also be appropriate to honor our dear friend Cam Op Doug “Koolbeans” Vaughn in a way that he would have loved! Thank you all so much for your suggestions, we hope you enjoy watching Doug and Dottie begin their family!

  • Imapixel

    Yay, nice to meet you Doug and Dottie! Long may you return!!! Congrats to the winners!

  • cmolander

    Cute names

  • Deane


  • CamOp_Bandit

    Here come the tears again!!! What a terrific way to pay a small tribute to our Doug – we miss him so much.

  • PatticakeRI

    I love the names. Great pick!

  • Diane R

    Great, nice that Cam Op Doug is being honored!

  • Naturelvr

    How wonderful!

  • Tyra Trevellyn

    Cheers to Doug and Dottie!

  • Woodsy

    I love it!

  • Linda G Massachusetts

    Good choices.

  • Malou

    I love the names!

  • gwenhwyfar01

    Ok, sounds good. Hello Dottie and Doug. Very nice to meet you.

  • judalee

    I like the names. They fit these beautiful osprey.

  • Anita Balfour Collins

    Awe that is wonderful❣️
    Great Tribute ❤️

  • Cloud

    Perfect! :)

  • Julia Glueckauf Gray

    How sweet!

  • naturegirl

    Got tears in my eyes seeing a osprey named after Doug. What a fantastic way to keep his memory alive.

  • 2pointers

    Kudos to Bandit for the name of Doug. It was a wonderful submission and a truly touching memorial for Doug Vaughn. Thank you!

  • Just Romie

    love the names

  • Linda Chochol

    Are these the osprey on Hog Island?

    • ValleyFlowers

      They are the new pair of Osprey on the mainland at the boat house and landing nearest Hog Island. They are close enough to Hog Island Osprey Nest (Rachel & Steve) that each can be seen from the camera of the other nest.

      • Linda Chochol

        Thanks for clearing this up for me ValleyFlowers. This Audobon camp seems to very popular with the ospreys.

    • ValleyFlowers

      This is the view of the Hog Island camp and osprey nest seen from the BoatHouse camera
      Link to the Boat House Explore page: http://explore.org/live-cams/player/audubon-boat-house-osprey-nest

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  • UnkleScott

    This family built their nest in front of the tower camera at WSYX here in Columbus. Last
    year they did the same but the nest was attacked by another osprey
    shortly after the eggs hatched and the little ones didn’t make it.
    Hopefully this year there will be no problems. This was breakfast this morning. There is one more egg that hasn’t hatched yet. https://www.facebook.com/WSYXABC6/videos/10154003953519364/?pnref=story

  • Linda N Woito

    I was trying to report inappropriate comments on the Great Bluffs Falcon site….but I don’t understand how this works.
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  • Linda Chochol

    What happened to Doug & Dottie? Everytime I view this camera, no one is sitting on the egg.

  • Joybird Dee

    So happy you named the male, Doug. Especially after reading how special he was! Dottie was my Aunt’s name. She was beautiful inside and out and such a character, fun and everyone loved her! I think it fits the female! Love the names you chose! I just wish I could see this pair more often!