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Favorite Bear Cam Moments

Thanks for writing in to share your favorite bear cam moments! For 100 years, the National Park Service has protected and shared the beauty of the United States. Bear Cam has only been around for four of those 100 years, but there is already a rich history of moments and memories from the live cams that we’ve gotten to enjoy. Here are some of your top picks:

1. “Watching “Velcro” grow up before our very eyes!” – jstducky

07.28.16 velcro RW6

2. Thousands of sushi dinners. Snapshots by Twinks13.


3. “Chunk and Backpack hanging out together at Backpack’s Rock.” – Naomi.


Also from Naomi: A video of Otis expressing displeasure at a raven usurping Alex’s spot next to him.

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-Courtney | explore.org/bearcam