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Bearcam Snapshot Winners!

Last week, we held the first bearcam snapshot contest of 2019! With over 7,000 submissions, we had a tough time narrowing it down to these winners. Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who submitted, we loved every shot BEARY much!

Category: Best King Otis Moment


Snapshot by Bearz61


Snapshot by RavensClaws

Category: Best Subadults Fishing Moment


Snapshot by Bommy

Bears_Subadult_Moon river_WINNER

Snapshot by Moon River


Snapshot by nana62


Snapshot by Ppprmnt80

Category: Best Underwater Moments

Bears_UW Salmon_rissycloud_WINNER

Snapshot by rissycloud


Snapshot by Bookmom

Category: Best Bear Butt aka “The Juergen Award” 


Snapshot by Shel_


Snapshot by Susie78

Category: Best Precious Family Moments


Snapshot by BonnieLee


Snapshot by SgtPepper

  • redchaz57

    great photo’s.. love the contest.

  • JoeBear3000

    Great photos! Congratulations to all!

    • tahna

      Hey Joe Bear , whats up???

  • Cheryl Thompson

    WOW!! Awesome set of snaps everyone!!!

  • MrsBoomer

    Congrats everyone!
    All wonderful!

  • BearBell

    Awesome pics !! Well deserved wins !!

  • ally gator


  • DogMom

    Congrats all! Loved the contest- winners very deserving!!!

  • Savonna9

    Congratulations Everyone :) This was a fun contest.

  • Julia L.

    OMGosh! These pics are awesome! Love the “babies” looking at Mama. And the other “baby” using it’s sibling as a comfy chinrest. Congrats to all!

  • ally gator

    Shout out to all the cam-ops too. Without them we wouldn’t get all the great snapshots!

  • Patti Law Jones

    Shout out to all the photographers! Great shots of all the bears! Thanks so much for sharing your experience at Brooks River.

  • Brenda L Reddy

    GREAT photos! and such variety

  • Nippykippy

    what awesome photos congrats everyone! well deserved!

  • https://www.facebook.com/app_scoped_user_id/YXNpZADpBWEZAFcVNjMkk0cHVqV0x6emNTLVJDRDJMYV95cE84dndyWFd1cEFWZAEJTYXk0UDQ4ZADcxRE5xYjN4SzBlemhCelYtWmZAkMHFaeFVzSHBJbWpBNnR6dTJGdnJueGlHOHF0RGMZD MChez

    These are adorable!

  • DHFabian


  • DaisySue

    Fabulous photos! Thanks, Explore, for running this fun contest! : )

  • mosaic_world


  • WinstonTheSane

    Those’re GREAT! Thank you all.

  • ToadLeeah

    Woooo! Congrats everyone :) These are all great

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  • tara nasta

    congradulations to all winners bonnie lee and sgt pepper wow adorable level 10 on the scale!

  • Dasimi

    Congratulations as I cry! Sniff sniff

  • Skip32

    Great pics! Congrats to all.

    Thanks Explore, fun contest

  • sandiegojesse

    Beautiful pics.

  • Martina
  • Elnora Chambers

    Congratulations to all the winners!

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  • TinyJulz <
  • Sunny

    Great snapshots. Congratulations to all winners and everyone who took the other snaps.

  • FlyAway Girl 2

    Great captures! Congratulations!

  • BearNecessities

    Great Snapshots Everyone!!!! Congratulations!!!

  • texanrhonda

    Great shots. congratulations!

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  • Amanda Thompson

    Well done all! These are gorgeous.

  • http://explore.org/ MMB


  • jancita

    Major kudos to all the winners, to those who thought up this contest, to the cam ops without whom this could not happen (!!!), and a tip of the hat to the judges–you definitely had your work cut out for you!

  • naturegirl

    Great job everyone!!!!!

  • BetsyH (WA)

    Well done! Congrats to all the winners!

  • shnzermom

    wow all are great…congrats to all !!

  • Susie Q

    Congratulations to everyone, awesome pictures of awesome bears!