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Jason And Parole

Army Staff Sergeant Jason North of Killeen, TX, suffers from epileptic seizures brought on by a traumatic brain injury he received during his second tour in Iraq. When the Humvee he was riding in fell into a pit trap, Jason was sandwiched between a 50-caliber machine gun and a 50-caliber ammo can, leaving him with a fractured face, a broken vertebra, and his first seizure. He must now take seizure medication daily and is 100% disabled. Jason depended upon his wife and even his young daughter at times to help him, so when he found Patriot PAWS on the internet, he decided to apply.

Jason received Parole in March through a grant made possible by Dog Bless You. Now when Jason has a seizure, Parole alerts Jason’s wife and keeps Jason calm, something Jason no longer has to burden his daughter with. Parole also helps out with many everyday chores and makes Jason’s life easier. When asked to sum up Parole in one word, Jason responded, “Incredible!”