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A polar bear roams the frozen tundra.

A Polar Bears International Update on Ursula

It’s been a couple weeks since we checked in with 8-year-old Ursula and her yearling cub, and she’s been busy.

Since our last update, this little family has walked over 458 km (285 mi) into northern Hudson Bay before heading south again. This was the first family on Polar Bears International’s Bear Tracker to really get moving onto the sea ice this year. We should see more bears following Ursula’s lead soon on the Bear Tracker, getting out farther into the bay to hunt seals as the year goes on.

Hudson Bay has been taking its time freezing up, but is almost totally frozen over by now, especially in northern regions. We expect Ursula is busy hunting seals and making sure her cub is becoming more self-sufficient; it will likely be weaned come spring.

We wish Ursula and her cub a happy holiday season, hoping they can pack on the pounds while many of us try not to do the same. We’ll check back with her in a week or two to see what she gets up to next!

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