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16-Year-Old Therapy Dog Retires After Long Career



 “[A]fter seven years of service, Oscar is hanging up his red vest with his white hospital volunteer identification badge affixed to the side.”

A 16-year-old Dachshund named Oscar has spent the last 7 years comforting patients in the University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center’s Child Life program. Oscar retired last month after years of going around and spending time with children as the clinic’s official therapy dog. A retirement party was held in Oscar’s honor and he received a special plaque. Read more from masslive.com

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  1. Denise Breton Gendreau

    Some dogs really enjoy this work. Ones that are highly social do. I did pet therapy visits at nursing homes with a few of my dogs. Bert loved it. He knew that after his bath and nail clipping we would take a ride to visit his friend. After several months of weekly visits. He knew that let’s visit Maddy, Ms. Madeline. Meant he got dressed in a fancy seasonal collar. My favorite was the valentine hearts. When we got inside, he pulled me right to her room or to the living room if she was there instead. One day, he waited at the door, not going in when I opened the door. The nurse at the desk told me that Ms. Maddy had passed away this week. Bert went to her room anyways, I let him up on her bed. He sniffed around then was ready to leave. I think he knew. My other affenpinscher, Oliver, was not fond of being handled by strangers, he was shy. So I didn’t torment him by dragging him. my Harry, the Chihuahua Yorkie mix loves cookies and he knows Bill has some in his dresser. He goes to his room then sits like a good boy in front of Bill being polite. He lets people touch him, but not hold him. Sometimes he will jump up in a lap if invited, cookies help. Doing this work is for outgoing dogs. Some love it, some prefer to stay home ad sleep in the sun. It’s time for this handsome pup to sleep in the sun now.