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New Live Cam: Snowy Owl Nest

Referred to as the “Arctic Ghost” for its wintery looks and rare sightings, you can now get intimate views of the Snowy Owl from our new Live Cam!

For the first time ever, the much revered and supremely elusive  Snowy Owl is now accessible to any bird watcher. The cam is currently installed on a nesting site containing 6 chicks which will begin to emerge from the nest any day now.  Established as a compliment to our “Bear Cam” in Katmai National Park, the Snowy Owl Cam provides an unprecedented view into Alaska’s other celebrated and mysterious creature.

After 22 years of studying the Snowy Owl populations and Brown Lemming breeding ecology in the far northern Alaskan town of Barrow Alaska, Denver Holt executive director of the Owl Research Institute will have 24 hours of recorded footage during the short nesting and chick rearing season to use for research.

You’ll notice on the Cam how parents share the nesting duties; females are responsible for incubating and brooding the chicks, the males provide food and protection and more. The bi-parenting is true for all owl species yet researchers still do know all the behaviors that happen around the clock, so viewers and scientists alike can look forward to unraveling these mysteries with the new Live Cam!

Go inside and get a Sneak Peek of the Snowy Owl Cam here!




  1. July 3

    She had 6 eggs! WOW! I thot I saw at least 4 owlets – hard to count.

    Blog says 6 chicks. July 2 I saw one wander out of the nest – but turn back when mom returned.

    She flies off a few times and leaves them alone. Dad delivers foods.

  2. WHY isnt it ever night 24/7 ?
    Did only 4 owlets survive out of the 6?
    What happened to the 2 others?

    • dupre

      From the equinox in September through the equinox in March, there will be night 24/7.

  3. I know she had 6 eggs. Your blog had said 6 chicks and now says 4. HOW do you know? Has someone been to the nest. What happened to the 2? I am interested in facts. I understand nature. 6 is a lot of chicks to survive. I appreciate answer. HOW OFTEN is someone at the nest – and – does female try to attack human?

  4. Jodi Goldsmith

    Please move web cam as owls have shifted nesting activities to other side of mound.

  5. July 8 videos – This should be the video of the 3 humans. Dad came with hare after they left.

    They took pics of the owlets, laid down by nest, carried a rifle over shoulder.
    Guns dont scare me. My family were hunters. Safety first – always – be responsible

    I wish you kept this up. Put pics of owlets – presuming Denver gets closeup pics. I cant find your notes anywhere.

  6. July 10 the 3 owlets were banded

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