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CamOp Photo Contest Winners for October

Our Camera Operators are always capturing some amazing snapshots. Every month, we vote for the best photos they’ve taken across all of our live cams. Here are the winners for October!

First Place:
Ruxandra Nicholae

"Meet TJ"

“Meet TJ”

Runner Up:
Greg Webster

"Comfy Rock"

“Comfy Rock”

Honorable Mention:
Lee Morris

"Panda Tree in full bloom"

“Panda Tree in full bloom”

  • Deborah

    Wonderful. I see a theme for Octobers pictures, ZZZZZZZZZ

    • CamOp_CairosMom

      when sleeping is the only time they stay still. lol

      • Deborah

        That panda tree is a hoot

  • lolo53

    These are absolutely awesome ! Great recognition for great captures !!

  • CATalina – NW PA

    Wonderful photos to see! I love all wildlife and animals.Thanks for sharing.

  • http://home.lyse.net/twan/Index.html Twan – Norway

    Congratulations, Lee ♥

  • Debbi Clark

    Stunning photos! Congrats Rux!!!!

  • abcayemich

    Beautiful pictures. Congrats to all of you. :)

  • LuvBears

    They are all wonderful :)

  • amazed

    Great photos!

  • 2pointers

    All of these are great — I see the theme of course “who can rest the best and in the oddest position?”

  • Steener317

    Are these photos taken by the CamOps?

  • http://www.worldeyephotography.com Jmeson75

    Great shots everyone! :-)

  • Snowdawg CP 2014 TX

    Great picture Lee. Congratulations! Well deserved……

  • Bones