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WCC’s Courage Litter Puppies Officially Named

By Beth Bourgeois of Warrior Canine Connection

Up until now, the eight puppies of Warrior Canine Connection’s Courage Litter — born in late January — have been known by the color of their ribbon collars. Not anymore! In keeping with WCC’s tradition of naming its puppies after U.S. Service Members and Veterans who have sacrificed so much for our great country, we are pleased to share the inspiration behind the namesakes of these future service dogs in training.
Male Puppies
Mr. Purple is “Brick”

Brigadier General Everett W. Holstrom

U.S. Air Force


Mr. Dark Blue is “Howard”

Lieutenant Colonel Howard Earl Moon

U.S. Air Force


Mr. Teal Is “Buckles”

Captain Richard Lee Buckles

U.S. Army


Mr. Green is “Otis”

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Keith Raible

U.S. Marine Corps


Female Puppies
Miss Orange is “Fortune”

Colonel Suzanne Gehri Fortune

U.S. Air Force


Miss Red is “Moon”

Flight Nurse Edna Moon

U.S. Army Air Corps


Miss Yellow is “Pate”

Staff Sergeant Kimberly Pate

U.S. Air Force


Miss Pink is “Sassy”

Captain Sara Marie Knutson Cullen

U.S. Army


To learn more about each puppy’s namesake, click here.

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