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Thanks to Ceci, Emma and Paige

Ceci and David live in Winnipeg, Canada, which is a sister city of Chengdu. In May 2013, Ceci and Davey accompanied their mom to Chengdu for a month-long work trip. While living in Chengdu, Ceci researched a project on pandas and they had the opportunity to visit the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Station twice. On the second visit to see the pandas they were hosted by the City of Chengdu Foreign Affairs office and Ceci had the special opportunity to have a panda bear sit on her lap. During their time in Sichuan, they also visited the earthquake zones and Ceci and Davey learned about the impact of the earthquakes on the lives of people and pandas.

When they returned to Canada, Ceci and Davey were very interested in helping to save giant pandas. Here’s what they did next!