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Puppy Hill Easter Egg Hunt : The Amazing Tales Of The Service Dog Project


The Nuppies struggled to fall asleep on Saturday night as they anticipated their first Easter egg hunt on Puppy Hill in the morning. They played and played extra hard in the kitchen area hoping this would be what they needed to insure a good nights’ rest; but never the less, they laid awake all night discussing who was going to find the most eggs. We shouldn’t question their behavior because we all remember the excitement of our first Easter, and the Nuppies, although just puppies, are in reality no different than us being nervous before such a big event.

Everyone I’m sure is aware of the Service Dog Project traditional Easter celebration held every year, rain or shine, on Puppy Hill. The SDP staff and volunteers work several hours on Puppy Hill early Easter morning, hiding 495 edible egg containers stuffed with roast beef and healthy doggie treats. Tradition dictates that each dog (puppy and veteran) is given exactly one minute to search for the goodies. To be perfectly fair to all the dogs (according to the bylaws approved by the SDP Fair Treatment for Dogs Union), each of the dogs participated in a supervised lottery drawing picking a number out of a hat which thereby indicated their position for the hunt. This year, Ebony drew the prized number one position and promptly at 10:30 Easter morning, she was released all alone on Puppy Hill to begin the festivities. Forty-seven seconds later, Ebony returned to the starting gate with her full basket clenched in her mouth, and after an official count by Mary the Donkey; she was immediately released to the kennel to enjoy her treasured winnings. Rules are rules, so after Mary the Donkey conferred with Carlene telling her that Ebony gathered 494 eggs, there was a three hour delay while they restocked Puppy Hill before the other dogs began their day of fun. All went well thereafter, with Lola, Perry and Oscar each finding 17 eggs, and Luna coming home with 12. Around 4PM, going last but not least, the Nuppies, who were a little shy and very tired, decided to hunt as a trio and when their collective search time was up, Magnus proudly led the way with three eggs, and Mariah and Murphy each found two. They were so delighted with their first Easter egg hunt results that everyone on the farm noticed their joy and gave the Nuppies a standing ovation. The Nuppies were overwhelmed and gaily strutted back to the house with such a look of confidence. 

After leaving Camera Mark and the Nuppies behind, I did have a chance to visit Ebony in the kennel and I asked her why she only found 494 eggs and she replied with a snicker, “JDR-IN, I was a little impatient, and ate
one of the eggs before I realized what I was doing; sorry!” You’ve got to love Ebony; she is such a delight! Later that night, I was listening to Boston’s WBZ Radio, and their big news story centered around an
anonymous donor who had given 495 edible egg containers stuffed with roast beef and healthy doggie treats to the Ipswich Animal Shelter. Like I said earlier, you’ve got to love Ebony! Happy Easter everyone and May
God Bless!