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Get ready for the Polar Bear Live Cam in 3 days!

Get ready for the Polar Bear Live Cam in 3 days!

“The International Agreement on the Conservation of Polar Bears was signed in Oslo on November 15, 1973, by: Canada, Denmark (Greenland), Norway, the U.S., and the former U.S.S.R. It is one of the first and most successful international conservation measures enacted in the 20th century.

The Agreement:

  • Prohibited random, unregulated sport hunting of polar bears
  • Outlawed hunting from aircraft and icebreakers, a common practice
  • Required each nation to protect polar bear denning areas and migration patterns
  • Obliged the nations to conduct research on the conservation and management of polar bears to share research findings with each other

Today, member scientists from each nation continue to work together to address new threats including climate change, pollution, industrial activities, and poaching. They meet every three to four years under the auspices of the IUCN World Conservation Union to coordinate research.”

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