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Fu Hu Is Out Of Quarantine

/ Post by Pandas International via CCRGCP

On December 8th, Fu Hu completed one month of isolated quarantine following his return to China. The two-year-old panda will be able to greet visitors in the near future.

Fu Hu was born in Austria’s Vienna Schloss Schoenbrunn Zoo. On November 8, 2012, in accordance with agreements, he was returned to the Bifengxia base and began the required one month quarantine. During his period of isolation, experienced breeders and veterinarians observed Fu Hu’s activities and movements, regularly disinfected his new home, and saw to his care and feeding to ensure that he was adapting well to his new environment. Fu Hu adapted quickly to the local environment, climate, food, etc.  He was determined to be completely healthy.

According to breeder Qu Chunmao, Fu Hu is very curious regarding his new environment and facilities, especially the iron railings in his housing.  Qu Chunmao says that the little panda loves to climb up and down, just like the acrobat. Fu Hu showed no interest in the center’s special order food-”WoWoTou” at first, but after about a week, Fu Hu began to eat the “local cuisine”.