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Bears in the Summertime

/ by Katie Billing of Polar Bears International

Polar bears are associated with wintertime. Snow, ice, and cold are a few words we associate with these magnificent northern giants. However, there is a period of time where polar bears enjoy the summertime. A summer in Churchill is usually around 50-60°F. The bears spend the majority of their time resting along the Eskimo and Gordon Point coasts. Why pick the coast? Just like people that go to the coast in the summer to relax, polar bears are resting near the shores too! There are plenty of foraging opportunities along the coast. Many delicious berries, kelp, and grasses help with the polar bear’s diet.  Young seals also provide hunting opportunities in April through July! Female and male bears may also take part in creating earthen dens to rest in during the heat of the summer. These dens are much cooler and protect the bears from pests such as insects. If you happen to travel to Churchill during the summer you will be able to see the Beluga whales that migrate! Both the winters and summers in Churchill remain a natural marvel to all audiences.

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