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Anastasia And Moose

Anastasia DeGuzman lives in Florida with her husband and three children ages 1, 5, and 8. On top of this, she’s attending college and interning at a local elementary school with the goal of acquiring her teacher’s certificate.

Visual impairments aside, it’s clear that she leads a full and demanding life – not a life that could be interrupted with an extended training session for a guide dog. Responding to her needs, and those of her family, Southeastern Guide Dogs sent a trainer to her home where they conducted extensive one-on-one training with her.

This is Ana’s second Southeastern Guide Dog, and his name is Moose. Since this team was formed, Ana reports that she loves spending time with Moose in her fenced-in yard and is so pleased to have him by her side. Ana and Moose are a pairing funded by Dog Bless You.