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Rescued kittens at the Kitten Rescue Sanctuary | CamOp Katie

Volunteer Camera Operators Opportunity!

Volunteer camera operators love animals and nature, and enjoy sharing explore.org with the world. They are your passionate tour guides to some of the most incredible views and experiences you’ve ever seen on a live camera. We’re seeking new remote volunteer camera operators to help share the best views from our wide network of nature and animal cams.

Rescued pigs living at Farm Sanctuary | CamOp Melissa

Like you, camera operators have watched panda toddlers learn to climb trees in China, and kittens at a no-kill shelter in Los Angeles find their fur-ever homes. They’ve had a front-row seat as a massive Bengal tiger got to swim in the safety of a Rescue Sanctuary in Florida for the first time, after years of being chained to the back of a circus truck.

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Montana’s Great Gray Owl and new owlets | CamOp MG

They’ve held their breath and watched as a woman breathed life into a newborn puppy in Massachusetts – and, later, rejoiced as that puppy was placed as a service dog for a person with mobility issues. They’ve spotted injured elephants in Africa and alerted authorities to make sure they got immediate medical treatment. And that’s just a small part of their experience.

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Eaglets at the Decorah North Bald Eagle nest | CamOp Kathy

If you would like to be on the other side of the lens, contact us about joining the New Earth Explorers team of Volunteer Camera Operators.

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Hippo calf on Kenya’s African Animals cam | CamOp Scout

You’ll travel the world without leaving the comfort of your home and be part of a family of like-minded naturalists. The experiences will change and enrich your life.

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New calves in Canada’s Grasslands National Park | CamOp BillB

Please share the love and email explorers@newearthlife.org if you are interested!

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Mother and calf at the Mpala Reserve | Cam Op Fred


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