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Warrior Canine Connection Welcomes Laura’s Legacy Litter!

By Leigh Bluestein

Warrior Canine Connection is proud to announce the arrival of Laura’s Legacy Litter, born on April 8, 2018 — two male black and two female yellow Labrador Retrievers. The puppies, identified by their collar colors, are growing at light speed, but here’s a listing of the puppies and their weights at birth:

Mr. Blue (black) 17.1 oz.

Miss Red (yellow) 15.9 oz.

Mr. Purple (black) 16 oz.

Miss Pink (yellow) 15.9 oz.

One important way WCC honors our Veterans is by naming our service dogs in training after them through a nomination process. U.S. Air Force Colonel Laura Berry is the namesake of WCC’s Laura. WCC is continuing to celebrate Colonel Berry’s life and service with the naming of WCC Laura’s Legacy Litter. When Laura’s puppies turn 8 weeks old, they will each receive a special name to honor the life and legacy of one of our nation’s heroes.

WCC is honored and proud to have such an amazing partner in Explore.org. Over the past 5+ years, its 24/7 puppy camera at WCC has allowed people all over the world to watch WCC’s puppies grow and play. Now viewers on Explore.org can watch WCC’s older dogs, many of whom grew up on the puppy cam, play and train in the outdoor corral at WCC. Explore.org also installed four new high-definition puppy-focused cameras at WCC. There a camera in the whelping room where the puppies spend their first few weeks; another in the night room where they sleep at night starting when they are around 3-4 weeks old; a third in the main puppy play room where they spend their days being socialized by staff and volunteers; and a fourth in the outside play pen where they can run around and enjoy the fresh air weather permitting.

The new WCC camera live streams can be viewed here!

Thank you, Explore.org! Happy viewing!