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Three Times a Lady (Bird)

From our partners in Hog Island, Audubon Society:

The Hog Island Osprey family is getting bigger! And the nest a
little more crowded. Rachel and Steve welcome a third egg to their brood, revealed on May 3rd, 2014 at 9:32am PDT.

More eggs do not necessarily mean higher chances for success among the family. Osprey expend more energy providing for the first (and largest) chick, to the detriment of a brood’s youngest hatchlings. Fortunately, the Hog Island nest is located in a spot that is heavily trafficked by flounder and other fish, so Steve has managed to catch plenty of good eats for Rachel. This is a positive indicator that he will be able to provide food for his large family, helping ensure survival of even the youngest chicks.

Watch the family crack, pop and grow on the Osprey Live Cam!