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This Week on Explore (5/24)

Tom and Audrey have welcomed the first osprey chick of the 2019 osprey season! With two eggs left, we now are all on “Egg Watch” on the Chesapeake Conservancy cam!

Osprey_CC First Hatch)CamOp Arya_5.24.19

This week has also been an exciting one for the Charlo Montana Osprey! While incubating their eggs, Charlie and Charolette were visited by a surprise visitor: a black bear! Check out the moment below (no osprey or eggs were harmed!):

Bella Hummingbird has laid her second egg this week! Tune in to watch her tend to her eggs in preparation for new hummingbird chicks!
Bella_ChrissyM CA_5.24.19

This week, Mike Fitz hosted an incredible live conversation with Craig Sholley, Vice President of the African Wildlife Foundation, to discuss the incredible lion behavior we have witnessed on the Africams. Watch the whole chat below!

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