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This Week on Explore (3/8)

Welcome to Fitz Facts! Naturalist and former park ranger Mike Fitz is BACK with a new weekly series that helps educate us about our beloved wildlife! Tune in every Thursday!

Though today is International Women’s Day, we believe in championing women year-round. From female scientists and researchers to leaders in the non-profit world, we’ve met many amazing women since explore.org’s journey began. Please take time to watch a playlist dedicated to some of the many incredible women we have had the pleasure to meet. Watch here!

ocean ramsey great white shark

Service Dog Project has welcomed a brand new baby donkey to their homes! Maybe gave birth to her foal on Tuesday and both are healthy and doing well!

Newborn Baby Donkey - Maybe SDP

The Decorah Eagles have welcomed their third egg to the nest!

Eagles_DE Third Egg_CamOp Spish_3.8.19

Snapshot by CamOp Spish

Elsa’s chick, Thomas, has successfully fledged the nest! Keep watching the Hummingbird Trees Cam to see if Thomas will pop by every now and then!

Thomas Hummingbird Fledge

Tune in here every week for more weekly updates from explore.org!

  • LaRonnie

    Hi,Mike! I don’t comment on things very often – but I did read and enjoy your comments on various animals. I guess people are just caught up in the season and all of the recent news BUT I have to say, I love your new look! That’s a great photo!