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This Week on Explore (1/17)

Bella the Hummingbird has laid her second egg! We are so pleased to see Bella thrive after a tumultuous season last year. Watch her now! 

Bella_Two Eggs_2.22.19

On Seal Island and few other select places off the coast of New England, gray seals come to shore to give birth and mate just as winter fully cloaks their habitat. Watch Mike Fitz in his latest video that explores gray seals:

This week, Joe Burnett from Ventana Wildlife Studies spoke with Mike Fitz about the emerging condor population. Learn more about a time when condors were threatened and the incredible work that VWS does to ensure this bird’s survival.

A pair of eagles have returned to the Decorah North Nest – is there a chance we might see some eggs soon? Come watch with us!

See more incredible moments from this week in our latest video:

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