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This Week on Explore (10/26)

Polar Bear season has officially begun and we have already spotted a mom and her two cubs! We’ve got an exciting season with Polar Bears International that will involve a few surprises so make sure to watch the Polar Bear Cams to stay up to date on the latest events!

polar bears and cubs

Speaking of polar bears, last week we hosted a bear panel with explore.org fellow, Mike Fitz, and Alysa McCall from Polar Bears International. They discussed what made polar bears and brown bears both similar and different. Watch here:

We have to talk about the elephants in the room- there are A LOT of them! The Africa cams have been spotting herds of elephants enjoying the watering hole and eating fresh leaves. Watch now!
Baby Elephant Eating

Our team has been hard at work updating our iOS app to provide the best viewing pleasure from your phone. We want you to be able to take explore with you everywhere you go! Download the app here!
Horses_Sunrise_CamOp Melissa_10.25.18

Bearly getting through the day? Come watch cute pandas do what they do best – nap!
Pandas_CamOp Pandafriend_10.24.18

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