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This Is What Home Looks Like

Ospreys Steve and Rachel are keeping busy with decorating, undoing, redoing, adding a twig, throwing out a wood block – all to ready their nest (above) and get it to its most perfect for the chicks’ arrival. We are now in day 14 of 35-42 for the incubation period and couldn’t be more excited for the countdown!

Did You Know? Ospreys typically return to the same nest year after, adding new sticks and creating a massive nest that may be 10-13’ deep and 6’ across. In Maine, they often line the nest with soft lichens and shredded bark. In Maine, Ospreys typically nest in tall trees, but elsewhere, they may nest on rock pinnacles, or even on the ground. Power poles, communication towers, and navigational aids are readily used, as are special nesting platforms such as the Hog Island platform.