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Tamanawas Falls

Daily Dose of Love: Waterfalls For Your Weekend!

Waterfall Relaxation! Explore went on a journey this week, hiking Oregon’s Mount Hood National Forest to find these pearls of the planet – waterfalls. Each inspired us with feelings of awe and gave us moments to meditate on the beauty of nature. Relax this weekend to a short film featuring several of the waterfalls we

Ocean Zen

Fast Fact: Waimea means “red water.” See surfers ride the red waves on the live cam at Waimea Bay, Hawaii.

Community Voices: What Is Your Key to Happiness?

Community Voices: What Is Your Key to Happiness? One explore.org fan wrote: To me, happiness is most solidly attained by always remembering my two distillations of life. 1. The only point in life is to gain awareness. 2. The purpose in gaining awareness is to limit the perception of suffering for as many perspectives as

We’re getting our yogi on this Zen Den Friday.

We’re getting our yogi on this Zen Den Friday.  “Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky” – Khalil Gibran “God is the experience of looking at a tree and saying, ‘Ah!’” – Joseph Campbell “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson “For in the true nature of

Zen Calligraphy. Subject? Birds.

“When we paint from our true feelings, we all paint something beautiful.” Karl Mårtens, a featured artist at the Project Puffin Visitor Center in Rockland Maine paints with a philosophical sentiment, creating work that looks ready to take flight. His work can be found at the Project Puffin Online Store. Nature studies, with a special